Questions / answers

Why do the estate's red wines sometimes have "weak" colours?

Pinot Noir is a variety that has naturally low levels of anthocyanin, which is responsible for the wines' red colour. In addition, Burgundy's northern climate does not encourage colour synthesis in the fruit. Depending on the vintages, it is normal for Burgundy Pinot Noirs not to have a very deep colour.

Why are 2 bottles of a same wine not necessarily identical?

Wine is the product of a natural process and it is neither a standardised product nor a stable product. Wine develops in the bottle and might appear better or not so good depending on the times. In addition, the corks we use are natural corks. After corking, each bottle becomes a fully-fledged individual that may develop differently from the others since its contact with the outside world (through the cork) will be different.

When I open a bottle, the aromas are not necessarily very intense!

When we bottle the wines, our goal is that they mature in the best conditions. A wine opened when young may appear a bit "closed" since it has not yet "recovered" from the shock of bottling. A bit of patience and aeration will sort everything out. It might be a good idea to open a bottle of young wine an hour before tasting it, or even transfer it from the bottle to a decanter (even white wines). This will give time for the aromas to be released.

I visited the estate but I couldn't find anybody and couldn't have a tasting!

Our work keeps us very busy and means we have to spend a lot of time outdoors. We will receive you at our cellar with pleasure but we recommend that you make an appointment by e-mail.

Why are the wines different from one year to another?

In Burgundy, the notion of vintage is very important. Burgundy's northern position means that it can experience very different weather conditions from one year to the next. Climate has a strong influence on the development of the vine, the maturing of the fruits and the wine's work in the cellar. Which is why our wines have different balances every year.