Our cellar

The harvested Chardonnay grapes are immediately pressed with a pneumatic press before a light sludge removal. The juices are then placed in oak barrels for the alcoholic fermentation phase.
The proportion of new wood as well as the length of the ageing period depends on the wine. Fermentation is managed over an extended period in order to draw out a maximum of aroma and complexity.

During ageing, carried out on lees, malolactic fermentation is sought in order to soften the natural acidity. At the end of the ageing period, the wines are decanted then fining tests are carried out in our laboratory to choose the best method for clarifying each vat.
Finally, the wines are lightly filtered to guarantee their shine and clarity before bottling.

Pinot Noirs are vatted after being sorted by hand and stripping. The harvest's cool temperature gives the vat a natural inertia for one to two days, which gives the summer fruit aromas time to pass into the grape juice.
After that, alcoholic fermentation starts in the vat for approximately ten days during which regular pigeage and remontage is carried out to gently extract the most supple tannins, colour and aromas from the skin.

After vatting, the red wines are put in oak barrels with very little new wood to avoid masking the aromas.
Malolactic fermentation takes place during ageing.
The red wines are lightly filtered before bottling.