The appellation

According to several archives, vines were planted on the hills of Saint-Aubin in the 3rd century AD. Saint-Aubin is one of the 17 villages of the Côte de Beaune, which is the name of the appellation.

The Saint-Aubin wines were classified as AOC wines ("Vins d'Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée", Controlled Designation of Origin Wine), in 1956. AOC classification involves following strict rules in managing the vine (yield, minimum natural degree, ageing and marketing).

The total production area of Saint-Aubin wines is approximately 160 ha. 25% are classified under the village appellation (Saint-Aubin), i.e. 40 ha. The "lieux-dits", which come under the village appellation, are located in the valley's western continuation.

The hills, often very steep, drain the soil very effectively and, at the same time, the orientation combined with the valley effect gives the plant ideal growing conditions in soils with high concentrations of clay.

The remaining 75% of the Saint-Aubin appellation area are classified as 1er Cru (1st Vintage - twenty different first vintages), i.e. 122 ha. The estate is unusual because of the large proportion of its area classified as 1er Cru in Saint-Aubin.
The village's situation, at the heart of a valley, explains why a large proportion of the wine-growing area is in the hills and not in plains.
The hills offer very advantageous conditions for soil drainage and therefore for obtaining high-quality wines. In addition, the valley's geography offers a wide range of exposures from south-east to south-west, which plays a large part in each 1er Cru's distinctive qualities.

The Saint-Aubin appellation became popular in the early 80s when a generation of young winegrowers wanted to develop bottling and marketing activities for their production. In the late 80s, 10 ha of waste land in the "Les Murgers les Dents de Chiens", "En Remilly" and "Les Corton" lieux-dits, close to the famous Chevalier Montrachet Grand Cru, were put back into cultivation, which was an important factor in the recognition of Saint-Aubin's great white wines in the 2000s.